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Mind Body Sports

A professional coaching platform that offers training and developmental services for athletes and sports organizations wishing to compete at the highest level possible.

Our coaching philosophy is centered around two key principles: Mindfulness and Self-Actualization. Our framework is designed to help athletes access the full power of their minds to consciously create the life and careers they truly desire.

Are you experiencing?

Lack of Focus
Negative Self-Talk
Lack of
Mental Fatigue/Burnout
Performance Anxiety

...or any other mental or performance issues?

In order for athletes to achieve maximum levels of success week in and week out, they must train their minds just as intently as they train their bodies.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Jelani, a Performance and Mindset Coach.

I help guide athletes and driven professionals through their own personal journeys to greatness by teaching them how to access and utilize the power of their minds. 

My background is in Sports Psychology and NLP. I combine these elements along with Mindfulness and Self-Actualization to help clients create habits and achieve results that extend far beyond their careers. 

After playing sports my whole life and five years professionally, I've had the opportunity to study and observe what it takes to be elite. It all starts in the mind. Once we truly discover our greatness, we free ourselves from limitations. We feel empowered to dream way bigger knowing that everything we need to be successful already exists within us.

"Practice mindfulness and meditation for something you are passionate about. For me, it was basketball. What are you passionate about?"

Kobe Bryant

"Jelani has always had the ability to utilize the power of positive thinking to elevate his game as a player. He is now empowering others to do the same. Our team traveled to LA to play top ranked SJB and found ourselves down at halftime. I asked Jelani to address the team at halftime and his words resonated. He emphasized to them that they ARE a great team not that they can be a great team. That game, that speech inspired our players to play great and attain our dream of winning a state championship and #11 national ranking."

Andy Stefanelli 

Head Coach of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School


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